Séminaire du GDR QCD – 03/02/2022

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Savvas Zafeiropoulos, CPT, Marseille
February 3, 2022 at 10:30am
The extraction of light cone parton distributions from lattice quantum chromodynamics
The light-cone definition of Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs) does not allow for a direct ab initio determination employing methods of Lattice QCD simulations that naturally take place in Euclidean spacetime. In this presentation we focus on pseudo-PDFs where the starting point is the equal time hadronic matrix element with the quark and anti-quark fields separated by a finite distance. We focus on Ioffe-time distributions, which are functions of the Ioffe-time ν, and can be understood as the Fourier transforms of parton distribution functions with respect to the momentum fraction variable 𝑥. We present lattice results for the case of the nucleon and the pion addressing among others the physical point and continuum extrapolations. We also incorporate our lattice data in the NNPDF framework treating them on the same footing as experimental data and discuss in detail the different sources of systematics in the determination of the non-singlet PDFs.