Coordination team

  • Carlos MUÑOZ CAMACHO (IN2P3)
  • Cyrille MARQUET (INP)
  • Michael WINN (CEA)


Working groups conveners

1. Single and multiple parton scatterings:

▪ Zaida Conesa del Valle, IJCLab

▪ Cédric Lorcé, CPHT

▪ Dominique Marchand, IJCLab

2. Collective effects with nucleon and nuclear collisions,  phase diagramme of QCD:

▪ Maxime Guilbaud, Subatech

▪ Antonin Maire, IPHC

▪ Marlene Nahrgang, Subatech

3. QCD at short distances: experiment, theory and tools

▪ Emilien Chapon, IRFU

▪ Jean-Philippe Lansberg, IJCLab

▪ Laure Massacrier, IJCLab

4. Future prospects on strong interaction physics and observables

▪ Francesco Bossu, IRFU

▪ Emilie Maurice, LLR

▪ Beatrice Ramstein, IJCLab

5. QCD at low energy, non-perturbative methods

▪ Benoît Blossier, IJCLab

▪ Maxim Chernodub, IDP

▪ Cédric Mezrag, IRFU